Have you ever wondered, “Can you put yard waste in the recycling bin?” Many of us have stood, perplexed, with a handful of grass clippings or shrub trimmings, unsure of what to do. The idea of waste recycling might seem like the right answer, but when it comes to yard waste, it’s a different story. Here’s why you should never recycle yard waste.

First, yard waste recycling may sound eco-friendly, but it’s not always the best practice. Yard waste, such as grass clippings and shrub trimmings, may belong in compost piles, but not in the recycling bin. This organic matter, when composted, returns valuable nutrients to the soil, promoting plant health and growth.

Yard waste recycle practices that include placing yard waste in the recycling bin can lead to issues at the recycling facility. The recycling services provided by Aspen Waste are tailored to process items like plastic, paper, and metal, not organic matter. When yard waste ends up in the recycling, it can disrupt the whole process.

Can I Recycle My Yard Waste in Other Ways?

You might think, “Well, can you recycle yard waste in other ways?” Certainly, but not in the way you might think. Instead of recycling, yard waste can be composted at home. Using a compost bin, you can turn your yard waste into rich, nutrient-packed compost. This is a more eco-friendly method than simply tossing the waste in your recycling bin. Click here to check our residential yard waste plans.

But what if you can’t compost yard waste at home? Can you put yard waste in recycling then? The answer is still no. Instead, look into other ways to dispose of your yard waste. You may try contacting your local waste hauler to provide curbside pick up of your yard waste. Alternatively, some jurisdictions allow for burning yard waste. However, this should be done responsibly to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Invasive plant species present another reason not to recycle yard waste. By putting these in the recycling bin, you risk spreading these species when the recycled material is repurposed.

The Right Way to Recycle

It’s important to recycle, but recycling the right way is key. Remember, household recyclables such as plastic bottles and milk jugs go into the recycling bin, but yard waste does not. In some cities, Aspen Waste offers dedicated yard waste pickup on a seasonal basis, providing a responsible solution for those who cannot compost or burn yard waste at home.

Yard waste recycling may be well-intentioned, but it’s not the best way to manage this type of solid waste. Remember, when it comes to yard waste, composting is king. Let’s keep our recycling services streamlined and our yard waste out of the recycling bin. The next time you’re left wondering, “Can you recycle yard waste?” you’ll know just what to do.

Find Out Why You Should Never Recycle Yard Waste