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Compactor leasing and sales

Aspen Leasing Group provides custom solutions for compaction equipment that can increase the cost-effectiveness of your business.

Aspen offers an extensive array of compactors to meet most applications and volumes. For more information, go to our Commercial Resources page, select your location, then select the Compactors tab.
Aspen’s emphasis on service can be a significant advantage when you are considering compactors, because we don’t just hand you a catalog. We help you analyze your needs to be sure you get the right equipment to meet them. We also provide ongoing assessments as your needs change.
If you’d like us to install the equipment, we will. If you want us to maintain and repair the equipment, consider it done. Promptly, professionally, personally. We will even maintain or repair your compactor if you don’t lease it or buy it from us.
You have many options for financing your compactor that could have an impact on the overall financial health of your business. Do you want to buy or lease a compactor? How long should your lease be? Our customized proposal to you will include a detailed savings analysis, including consideration of the potential tax benefits of various financing options.
Of course, once your compactor has done its thing, you’ll need trash hauling or recycling service. With a compactor from Aspen Leasing Group you’ve already embarked on the Clean, Green Way. Aspen Waste Systems can meet all your disposal and recycling needs with the same attentive service and customized options.