The best place to dispose of unwanted household waste may not be your trash can

At Aspen, we believe it’s important to use alternatives to disposing of waste in the trash. Use this listing to find opportunities to reuse and recycle in your area.

Hennepin County Green Disposal Guide
Find information on the best way to recycle, reuse or dispose of items from your home. Businesses can find disposal information at Rethink Recycling.

St. Paul and Ramsey County
How to reduce, reuse, recycle

Rethink Recycling
Your go-to guide for waste & recycling options in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Free Market
Give away or get free stuff

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Metro Waste Authority Recycling and Disposal Guide
How to dispose or recycle common items from your home or office and where it should go.

Metro Waste Authority Curb It!
Residential recycling program in most central Iowa communities.

Metro Waste Authority Recycling Drop-Offs
Drop-off locations for mixed recyclables.

St. Louis County Recycling
Recycling and waste management resources for home, work and school.

St Louis County Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
How to properly dispose of common products that are hazardous, toxic, corrosive, flammable or reactive.

Tire Shredders Unlimited
Tire dropoff. Pickup service for commercial businesses. In Missouri.

St. Charles County Recycle Works
Materials accepted and fees, with instructions for residential and commercial users.

Paint Away – St. Louis Paint Disposal Service
Paint disposal service in Missouri

St. Clair County Recycling
Recycling guide for St. Clair County, Illinois.

Belleville Illinois Recycling
Recyclables and services.

E-cycle Missouri
Electronics recycling in Missouri.

Electronics recycling in Illinois.