Residential Trash Service – Mascoutah, IL

The City of Mascoutah has entered into an agreement with Aspen Waste Systems to be the sole provider of waste, recycling, and yard waste service for all residential properties in the city, as of April 1, 2024. All residential units (including single family dwellings and any dwelling units in one-four unit buildings) will be provided with trash and recycling service under this program, and we will be delivering trash and recycling carts throughout the month of March. Although the city has provided us with your address, we still need a few more details from you to finish setting up your account. Please click sign up for service now and provide us with the information requested. We look forward to servicing the City of Mascoutah!

2024 Service Information and Rates
Weekly Trash and Every Other Week Recycling Service (Required)$19.75/month
Weekly Yard Waste Service (Optional)$13.50/month
Weekly Trash Collection

We will be servicing the city 5 days a week, and your day of week will be dependent on your location in the city. You should have received your day of collection in the introduction letter you received from us. If you don’t know your pickup day, please call customer service. You can sign up below for an additional trash cart for $4.50/month.

Recycling will be picked up biweekly. Your week of collection was specified in the introduction letter you received from us.  If you don’t know your pickup day, please call customer service. See Aspen’s recycling calendars and guide here. You can sign up below for an additional cart for $4.50/month.
Yard Waste

Yard Waste service is optional. We provide a weekly subscription service, which you can sign up for below or by calling customer service. This service includes a 96g cart and up to 10 biodegradable bags per week for $13.50/month. We also provide an on call option; please call customer service to set up this service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aspen Service in Mascoutah, IL

Am I required to have trash service with Aspen?
Yes, under the Mascoutah trash ordinance, all Mascoutah residential units (including single family dwellings and any dwelling units in one-four unit buildings) must have trash and recycling collection through the Aspen contracted agreement.
How do I dispose of bulkies and what will it cost?

We will have two free curbside bulky item pick-up events per year, dates and details to follow. If you would like to dispose of a bulky item at another time, please call 24 hours in advance to schedule a pick up. The cost will be $35 per item.

What do I do if I have extra trash that will not fit in my trash cart?

The cost for extra bags of trash outside your container will be $3.50/bag and will be added to your next statement. If needed, you can add an additional trash cart to your service by signing up below. The cost is $4.50/month.

What are the guidelines for placing my carts at the curb?
  • Place carts out on your collection day before 6:00am or put them out the night before
  • All carts should be rolled to the alley or driveway- carts should never be placed in the street
  • Place carts within 3 feet from the curb or alley line, with lids opening towards the street
  • Place carts at least 3 feet from any other carts, extra bags or items, and structures such as mailboxes, lamp posts, cars or garages
  • Place your carts on as level of a surface as possible and away from low-hanging tree branches
  • During winter months, be sure to clean snow and/or ice from around your carts
When will I receive my first bill from Aspen? When will it be due?

Your first billing will be generated March 20, 2024, and this statement will cover your first three months of service, April, May and June. The billing will be due April 10, 2024.

How can I pay my Aspen bill?

Aspen offers autopay which can be set up online or by phone using your bank account or credit card. You can also mail in a check or make a one-time payment online or over the phone at no additional charge with your bank information or credit card.

Will there be a fuel surcharge assessed to my residential bill?

No. Fuel surcharges are not permitted under the Mascoutah residential contract.

Do you provide dumpster service?

Dumpster Service will be available to commercial customers who do not qualify as residential units under the contract. Call customer service for pricing and details.

Does Aspen provide Christmas tree collection under the contract?

Yes. During the month of January, Aspen will offer complimentary collection of one natural tree per Residential Unit. Pick up will be on your regular service day.

What can I include in my recycling cart?

Please see attached recycling guidelines.

What can I include in my yard waste cart?
  • Bagged leaves
  • Bagged grass clippings
  • Bagged garden waste (limit 35 lbs. per bag)
  • Brush and twigs (limbs no more than 3 inches in diameter and no more than 4 feet long, tied in bundles no more than 18 inches in diameter.)
  • Hay
  • Straw
What is the holiday schedule?

Click here to view Aspen’s residential holiday collection schedule.


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