Aspen serves residential customers in St. Paul via a city run program

For details or questions regarding the city program please call the City of St Paul at 651-266-6101 or click here.

If you are in Aspen’s zone and have questions regarding your service or billing please contact our Customer Service at 612-884-8008

The City of St. Paul program offers four levels of service. Depending on the service level, each residence will get a certain number of bulk items collected at no charge per calendar year. Please see below:

Cart SizeCollectionBulk Items included
35 gallonEvery other week2
35 gallonEvery week2
65 gallonEvery week3
95 gallonEvery week3

In 2018 each resident will get one bulk item collected at no charge.

After free items there is an additional charge for bulk item collection. Please call our office no less than 48 hours prior to your service day to schedule a pickup.


In St. Paul, curbside recycling is collected via a city contract with Eureka Recycling, 651-222-7678.

For more information regarding recycling in St. Paul, please click here.

Yard Waste

ServiceCollectionHow do I enroll
Full season with 65-gallon cart (includes up to 8 extra compostable bags outside of cart)Weekly during season
April 15 through November 30 (weather permitting)
Call to enroll in Aspen’s premium yard waste plan for season starting in 2019.
Non-subscription service; per compostable bagAs neededCall to schedule pick up no less than 48 hours prior to scheduled service day.

What’s considered yard waste?

This is yard waste

  • Bagged leaves
  • Bagged grass clippings
  • Bagged garden waste (Limit 35 lbs. per bag)
  • Brush and twigs (limbs no more than 3 in. in diameter and no more than 4 ft. long tied in bundles no more than 2 ft. in diameter.)

This is not yard waste

  • Dirt, sod, hay, straw
  • Tree stumps and Large branches
  • Animal feces
  • Dead animals
  • Rocks, concrete, asphalt