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Aspen’s brand promise

Clean, green trash collection in three great metropolitan areas: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Des Moines Area and St. Louis Area. We’re the people in the garbage business. Dedicated to collecting trash with integrity, cleanliness, friendliness and responsibility. And disposing of it in the most environment-friendly way possible.

Pick it up clean. Dispose of it green. Our business isn’t based on filling landfills or the pockets of faceless investors. Our people care about their work and we enable them to do their jobs the best way they can. You will experience that extraordinary service whether you need us to collect trash, recycling, or any commercial and residential waste. And we will continue to provide valuable service with independent ownership and local management.

Our values. At Aspen, four themes govern what we do and how we do it…

Garbage collection and disposal is a necessity in our society, but it doesn’t have to be unsightly. We meticulously maintain our equipment and your collection site to enhance the livability of your surroundings. Our drivers are neat, clean and helpful.
We dispose of all waste in the most environment friendly methods available in each area we serve. We focus on your needs, not maintaining a landfill.
We are committed to providing superior service to all of our customers large or small. You’ll experience that commitment from the moment you contact us: a real person answers the phone, answers questions and solves problems. Online requests receive the same personal service. Our attention to service detail applies equally to a one-person household or a multinational corporation.
Aspen is owned and operated by people who live in the areas we serve. Decisions are made locally and we reinvest in our communities. Profits are not shipped to other states – or countries!