Businesses generate waste. From raw materials and supplies to scrap metal, these discarded resources can eat into a company’s budget. It’s inevitable.

However, leaning into recycling can save you money in the long run. It’s pivotal in any business sustainability strategy as it helps reduce environmental impacts while providing significant economic benefits.

But what are these economic benefits? How does recycling help save money? Let’s go over a few ways it can boost your bottom line.

How can recycling save money and boost profitability

Setting up recycling bins at the workplace or working with a waste management company can be a cost-effective and long-term investment. More and more companies are investing in this sustainable practice. Here are some reasons why:

Recycling reduces waste disposal costs.

Waste disposal isn’t free. According to The World Bank, “Waste management is labor intensive, and costs of transportation alone are in the range of $20–$50 per tonne.” Fortunately, the recycling industry makes it easier and less expensive for companies to implement their recycling programs.

Aspen, for instance, provides free consultation and detailed proposals based on the volume of the recyclable waste your business generates. With our innovative solutions, you can streamline your waste collection and recycling processes. This allows you to maximize any cost-cutting opportunities, such as less storage and handling costs.

Recycling promotes energy savings.

Recycled materials require less energy to process than virgin materials. Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s WARM calculator, a ton of recycled plastic saves 5,774 Kwh of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil, and 30 cubic yards of landfill space.

How can recycling aluminum save money in the long run? Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to mine and extract bauxite ore from the earth. Both examples eliminate the need for energy-intensive heating processes, which are often necessary when producing new plastics or aluminum cans. [Note: Plastics and aluminum can be recycled in Aspen.]

Recycling saves you from costly penalties and violations.

Local and environmental regulations now penalize businesses that generate excessive waste or mix 100% recyclable materials with other solid waste. Aside from the environmental benefits of recycling, commercial recycling can save you heaps of money by avoiding these unnecessary fines and penalties.

At Aspen, we collect, recycle, and dispose of waste on your behalf. We transport all debris to sites under the United States federal, state, and county agencies. This ensures that your employees no longer need to check garbage bins or transport hazardous materials themselves, allowing them to save time and focus more on their tasks.

Start Recycling, Start Saving

Recycling saves energy and money. Aspen’s goal is to make this tedious, daunting task more feasible for you and your team. We’re here to help you spare your bottom line from costly expenditures.

Streamline your waste collection and ensure energy-efficient production and legal compliance with us today. For queries about our recycling services, feel free to contact us.