We’ve finally reached a certain level of awareness concerning waste management. Most people seem to understand the importance of proper waste collection, transportation, and processing — and most understand the potential impact if we don’t all adhere to specific standards.

It’s all about preserving human health and the world around us. 

But between work, kids, and the fast pace of daily life, it can take time to really map out a long-term waste management strategy. However, considering that Aspen provides great waste collection services in Eagan, you’ll see you don’t have to do this alone. 

Located in Minneapolis and serving the Twin Cities region, we offer a variety of waste collection and recycling services to residential and commercial customers. 

Here are just a few reasons why we’re a top waste collection provider in Eagan:

Locally Owned

Aspen is locally owned and operated by folks who call Minneapolis home. We live in your neighborhoods, we shop in your stores, and we attend your local schools — so we’re 100% dedicated to investing in our local communities. That means every decision we make is made with you, your friends, and your neighbors in mind. 

Exceptional Service

As one of Eagan’s top waste collection providers, we know what it means to deliver exceptional service. Not just when we roll down your streets and collect your garbage — but in every interaction, from sign-up to providing your services. Give us a call, and a real person will help you — no bots, automated answering services, or standardized responses here.

Clean Practices

Another reason why Aspen Waste Collection in Eagan is excellent: At Aspen, we believe it is important to use alternatives to disposing of waste in the trash. Refer to our suggestions for more information on alternative waste disposal options.

Commercial Collection

We don’t just do residential. And we understand the unique waste collection needs that come with running every variety of business — and we customize our approach to fit those needs. Aspen will work with you to map out a specific proposal for your business. We’ll include all the details, like recommended equipment collection frequency. 

Aspen Waste Collection in Eagan

At Aspen Waste, exceptional trash collection and waste disposal is our business. And we want to help people like you find the best ways to protect the environment through proper waste management. 

Learn more of the top reasons why Aspen Waste Collection in Eagan is the best!