Bulky waste, like refrigerators, mattresses, and electronics, poses a health hazard because it has the potential to negatively impact the environment, if not handled and disposed of in the right way. Moreover, these weighty items take up a lot of space in landfills.

Certain bulky items containing toxic chemicals may leach into the ground and water, contaminate soil, and pollute the air. Additionally, the items can attract rodents and insects, which can spread diseases and create unhealthy living conditions.

Aside from damaging the environment, illegally dumping bulky waste items can also have legal consequences. The penalty for illegally dumping bulky waste varies by jurisdiction. Fines may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on waste volume.

You should know how to properly dispose of bulky waste. By doing so, you can protect your community from these unwanted health and environmental effects.

In this article, you’ll learn three ways to properly dispose of bulky waste items. But first, let’s talk about what bulky waste consists of.

What are Bulky Waste Items?

A bulky waste item is typically something that can’t fit into a regular trash container. The following items can be considered bulky waste *:

Furniture: bed, sofa, armchair, table, cupboard, and vanity

Large appliances: refrigerator, washing machines, dishwasher, stove, an oven

Electronics: television, desktop computer, and printer

Other household items: mattress, play structures

Exercise equipment: treadmill, weight machines, exercise bikes

Renovation and construction waste: bricks, plywood, drywall, and plumbing fixtures.

Large garden waste: tree branches, trunks, and logs.

*The definition of bulky waste will depend on your local garbage collection service.

Contact your provider for help. They can determine if your oversized items belong to the bulky waste category. Wase

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Three Simple Tips to Dispose Bulky Waste Properly

After you’ve identified your bulky waste items, it’s time to pull up your sleeves and get to work. Here are 6 ways you can ensure proper bulky item waste collection.

1. Donate or Sell Items in Good Condition

Consider donating bulky waste items to a local charity or selling them online if they’re still in good working order or shape. Not only does this keep them from hitting the landfills, but it also provides reuse opportunities.

2. Disassemble Bulky Items When Possible

When disposing of large items, such as furniture and appliances, you may want to disassemble them first. By doing so, you help ensure proper recycling of individual components. It also becomes easier for bulky pickups and transportation.

4. Consult Your Garbage Collection Service

The garbage collection service in your area likely has specific rules and guidelines for disposing of bulky waste items. Professional junk removal is a good option for items that are huge, heavy, or difficult to dispose of. They can remove bulky waste items from your home without harming the environment.

You can bring your bulky waste to a designated drop-off point or request a curbside pickup. Check your provider’s guidelines and information on their website or by calling them.

For instance, Aspen provides curbside bulky collection service, on a regular basis or on-call basis depending on your area. Contact Aspen Waste for more information on bulky waste pick up options.

Proper Bulky Waste Collection: Free Your Environment of It

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to dispose of bulky waste items properly. It may sometimes feel overwhelming identifying the proper disposal method. Aspen Waste provides some helpful options relating to its local service areas here. Being a part of the community means keeping the environment clean and safe. Don’t let your bulky items sit around your house or garden. It helps if you know the best waste management and bulky item pickup company in your area.

We can help residents living in The Upper Midwest. At Aspen Waste, we’re committed to providing you with clean collection, environment-friendly disposal, and personalized customer service. Aspen is owned and operated by people who live in the areas we serve. Decisions are made locally and we reinvest in our communities. As locals, we want what’s best for the community.

Contact us for your bulky item pickup and waste management needs. We can provide you with more information on how to handle bulk waste.