Only 32.1% of municipal solid waste gets recycled in the U.S. If not collected, the other 67.9% of household and industrial trash may lurk everywhere, polluting state waters, degrading air quality, and increasing risks for various diseases.

Fortunately, trash pickup services now have a more efficient and convenient solution for eco-conscious consumers like you. They don’t only gather your trash for proper disposal but also collect recyclables without filling up the landfills.

Reap the benefits of recycling today. Here are the top 5 reasons you should contact a residential trash pickup near you.

4 Benefits of Recycling Through Trash Pickup Services

Proper waste disposal and recycling protect the environment for future generations, yet what are the benefits of recycling for the environment? Let’s take a closer look at how recycling saves the planet and enhances our quality of life.

1. Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Every year, about 11.2 billion tonnes of solid waste is collected worldwide. They contribute to approximately 5% of global greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions as they decompose. Recycling reduces this figure by keeping garbage out of landfills. It’s also one of the benefits of recycling plastic.

When Aspen collects and recycles your trash, those items are given a new lease on life instead of being thrown away or burned. Doing so eradicates the need to burn fossil fuels, preventing pollution and fostering a cleaner, healthier environment.

2. Conserves Natural Resources

Humans use 73% more natural resources than the Earth can produce in a year. Saving energy and reserves with recycled and reused plastic bottles, among other initiatives, helps reduce these consumption statistics.

Recycling paper is a better alternative to using nonrenewable raw materials. For instance, we can save 17 trees and 50% of water for every tonne of paper recycled.

Aspen knows how to deal with different types of waste, including recyclables. We’ll advise you on the optimal waste container size, collection frequency, and alternative disposal options for more efficient recycling and resource conservation.

3. Saves Energy

Recycling aluminum for new cans saves approximately 95% of the energy required to extract aluminum ore. That’s cause raw materials require extensive processing and high temperatures to turn them into finished goods. Recycled materials, on the other hand, have already been created and only need to be melted and cleaned.

This is a prime example of how recycling your household waste with Aspen can result in significant energy savings. To ensure that no recyclables go to waste, we provide a 65-gallon container for single-sort recycling. We also pick up and recycle appliances and electronics like TVs, ACs, and computers. 

4. Creates Local Employment

Sustainability requires a collective effort. As more and more people get on board, the benefits of recycling initiatives grow. Research shows that 10,000 tons of recycled waste yield 36 job opportunities. Incinerating the same 10,000 tons creates a job in the local economy, whereas landfilling generates six. 

In its role as a locally-owned business, Aspen helps downsize the unemployment rate by providing driver, maintenance, office, and sales staff positions. Everyone in our team lives in the neighborhoods we serve.

Go Clean and Green with Aspen

The benefits of recycling are endless, and so is Aspen’s commitment to sustainability. Our mission goes beyond waste collection and disposal. From a greener future to career opportunities, we’re eager to give back to our community.

With our services, you can get rid of waste and recycle easily. Find out how we can help.