• We are proud to pass on a few of the unsolicited comments our customers have called in or mailed in this summer about the stellar service our clean, green drivers have provided.
  • “Becky (driver) and Todd (helper) have provided outstanding service despite our long, complicated driveway. When I forgot to put our containers out, Todd came and got them.”
  • “Charles is a wonderful employee. He was an angel of mercy. He saw me fall and ran over to help me up. Then, he got my mail for me and put away my cart.”
  • “Bruno went out of his way to help me get my yard waste ready to go.”
  • “Your driver noticed a wheel on our recycle bin was broken and replaced it without being asked. I was tied up and didn’t have a chance to thank him. Make sure he gets a gold star today!”
  • “A piece of newspaper was blowing across my lawn. I was about to run out and grab it when your driver, Kyle, stopped his truck to pick it up. I’m so glad I switched to Aspen.”
  • “My neatly stacked pile of recycling was strewn about by kids waiting for the school bus. Your driver, Charles, picked it all up. Really appreciate it.”
  • “I’m selling my home, but wanted to thank all the Aspen drivers for the excellent service over the years.”
  • “Your rolloff driver who empties our compactor has provided great service. I also appreciate being able to talk to a person whenever I call and your quick reactions to our service requests.”

These types of compliments are among the many reasons we are all proud to work at Aspen.