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Please have your cart(s) available early on your pickup day: Apple Valley and Burnsville by 6:30 a.m. In all other cities, have your cart(s) available by 7 a.m.

Pickup times vary so it is important to have your cart out on time.

RecycleSingle Sort Recycling
For Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Richfield

For information on recycling pickup in other cities contact your city offices.
Reduce, reuse and recycle information

In Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Richfield, Aspen collects recycling every other week on your trash service day.

You are assigned a pickup week — GREEN or GRAY — depending on where you live.

In Bloomington:
In Bloomington your recycling will be collected on the GREEN week. Aspen serves the City of Bloomington through a city-managed contract for waste and recycling services. For more information about the program, visit City of Bloomington.

In Richfield:
In Richfield your recycling will be collected on the GRAY week.

In Apple Valley and Burnsville:
See your new customer information or call Aspen Customer Service at 612-884-8008.

See the calendar on the right side of this page for your pickup days.

Aspen offers recycling pickup as part of our trash collection service to customers in the cities of Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Richfield. Aspen provides a 65 gallon container for single sort recycling in addition to a 35, 65 or 95 gallon container for trash.

Single Sort Recycling means you can put all your recylable items together in the same container for pickup. Do not bag, except for shredded paper which should be put in closed paper bags.

Place these items
together in
your cart

Aluminum, steel, tin cans
Beer, wine, liquor bottles
Food jars
Glass jars
Narrow neck plastic bottles and jugs, milk & water jugs
(Regardless of number on bottom)
Pie tins

Newspapers and inserts
Mail, office & school paper
Magazines, catalogs
Brown grocery bags
Phone books
Shredded paper
(In closed paper bags)
Cereal, cracker, pasta boxes
Cardboard, flattened
Shoe boxes, gift boxes
Pop and beer boxes
Electronics boxes

Auto, mirror or tinted glass
Blueprints, transparencies
Carbon paper
Hazardous waste or containers
Crystal glassware
Disposable diapers
Egg carton boxes
Foil containers
Light bulbs
Metal or steel objects such as nails, wire, hangers or case strapping
Paper towels, napkins, tissue
Pet-soiled paper
Photos, photographic paper
Plastic bags
Pyrex, heat-resistant ovenware
Rubber-type materials, latex
Self-adhesive labels
Wax coated boxes

Rinse food from containers
Remove caps and lids (No need to remove labels)
Flatten cardboard & boxes

Extra cardboard boxes can be flattened and tied into bundles no more than 3 ft. long by 3 ft. wide by 1 ft. tall and placed next to your cart.


Living Green

The best place to dispose of unwanted household waste may not be your trashcan. At Aspen, we believe itís important to use alternatives to disposing of waste in the trash. Use this listing to find opportunities to reuse and recycle in the Twin Cities metro area.

Hennepin County Environmental Services
Check "Popular Links" for household and hazardous waste recycling

St. Paul and Ramsey County
How to reduce, reuse, recycle

Go-to Guide 
for waste & recycling

Free Market
Give away or get free stuff

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Reduce waste, conserve resources

2017 Minnesota Recycle Calendar

2017 Recycling Calendar (pdf)